Potatoes will do in a pinch

I saw this somewhere online and thought I would try this. Super easy…wash and slice your potatoe thinly but not all the way through. Top with olive oil and salt and pepper, cook until toasty and soft! Top with your favorite toppings!20170329_175811

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Pick your toppings…Dairy and Gluten free Pizza

While my fam was eating their pizza, I ran to the store to get a couple things…I decided to try the Kinnikinnick pizza personal pizza crusts and picked some up. These are actually pretty good! I topped with Prego sauce that is milk free(you have to check sometimes, some aren’t!), some cajun style turkey lunchmeat from the deli, fresh tomatoes, avocados, and Follow Your Heart Mozzerella. Cook as is until browned and you are done! It was good! I stay away from coconut so I took my cheese off. I love Follow Your Heart, but the shreds do not have coconut oil, as the block cheese does…Even still it was great!

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Tacos, dairy free mix

I forget to take a picture sometimes because I’m so excited to eat it….you have to search a little while to find a mix that doesn’t contain milk..here is one I found. Follow the instructions and add to your browned meat..I added the taco mix on top of these dairy free tostadas and topped with tomatoes and avocados, sooo good! I like to salt the meat as it cooks, gives the meat a little more flavor. A little ironic though…because I’m trying to cook with less sodium for my husband..oh well..it tasted good..so here’s another meal for you that would work dairy free! Top with some Follow Your Heart Mozerella Cheese!20170408_203841 (2)20170408_20385320170407_20203520170407_20203020170408_20382520170408_203829

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More Chocolate…

Here’s a link to another site for chocolate if you don’t want to make some treats yourself this Easter…http://www.amandasown.com/ looks pretty good! Thanks to All About Those Allergies blog for the idea!

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Link to a helpful gluten free ideas site

Just was talking to someone and she mentioned this blog about gluten free and thought it may be helpful to someone www.donteatwheat.com

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CHOCOLATE no dairy ice cream 

Really good. silky smooth. delicious.

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Deliciousness in 1 bite: Dairy Gluten free Lasagna

The picture I took of this delicious lasagna did not take on my camera like I thought!  I know this has nothing tondo with lasagna but it is a pretty picture of the first flowers in my garden😉So…you will have to imagine it….

Regardless, this was soon good. My brother made this and shared this recipe with me:

First make the fresh Sauce! ….chop up one onion and cook until translucent with olive oil and a little salt. Then add 4 cloves of garlic and some red wine and let it cook….then add two  28 ounce cans of crushed tomatoes, 1 T. garlic powder, 2 T dried basil, 2 tsp black pepper, 2 T chicken bouillon( can leave out and use salt), and at the end add minced fresh basil and let it steep in the hot sauce for just a little bit.

Then sauté your zucchini and yellow squash with garlic, olive oil, and little salt.

Then sauté your roasted red peppers and mushrooms the same way.

Then start the layers in your 9 x12 pan!

Layer of sauce

Layer of gluten free lasagna noodles(we used tinkyada Brown rice ones) uncooked

layer of sautéed zucchini and yellow squash

layer noodles

layer of roasted red peppers and mushrooms

layer of mozzarella(I use follow your heart brand)

layer of noodles,

layer of sauce

Sprinkle mozzarella and cheddar on the top(follow your heart brand)

Take a spatula and move in the lasagna on all sides slightly and add 1/3 cup total water

cover with two layers of foil and bake 350 convection bake for an hour or until knife goes easily through

Happy Monday!😊

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