Midnight snack!! df/gf

Yes it’s late, at least in this part of the world! But I was hungry! Strawberry rice dream ice cream, Yes! Pepperoni pizza, Yes! All dairy and gluten free, Yes! So untrue that we who have to stay away from gluten and dairy have to eat gross stuff…no! This is so good,

seriously. Get this stuff:

Rice dream ice cream, strawberry

Kinnikinnick pizza crusts

Prego spaghetti sauce 

Follow your heart fiesta blend and mozzarella 

Turkey pepperoni 

Place frozen pizza on the pan, spread on the sauce, sprinkle on the cheese, add pepperoni, cook 400 degrees convection bake until nice and brown and yummy…eat! But don’t forget to scoop out the delicious strawberry ice cream and eat at the SAME time😁 happy snacking!

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Pumpkin Curry!   Dairy/coconut/gluten free

So it’s been awhile and I’ve been meaning to post this great idea given to me by my sister. Ok, so I can only have coconut oil so coconut milk is out…and I thought curry too…BUT, it’s not!!

So you buy pumpkin soup that is safe for you, then mix in 4 tablespoons red curry paste, a couple tablespoons of brown sugar, and cook until bubbly. Serve over rice. Add veggies and meat as desired…extra plus, I discovered one of my children loves curry, who knew? A couple pictures below:) 

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Avocados…egg tips…and a go to lunch

This was my go to lunch, fresh avocados, turkey bacon, egg, and salsa. Actually a great combo delicious😘

This is a little egg cooker I got for a gift, just plop in your egg and microwave according to how done you want your egg. Here it is on Amazon: egg cooker

I thought it was a fun idea because your kids can cook an egg without having to turn on the stove!

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Zucchini Pasta

I’ve always wanted to try zucchini pasta, here is a link from the food network that looked good:)

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just got heaven in a spoon…

I don’t know how you take a picture of orange butternut squash soup and make it look good…this looks a little bit like jelly..

But this. WAS. Heaven. In. A. Spoon. I could see this being something anyone could eat as long as you aren’t allergic…or if you hated squash…

I’ve been sick and an angel dressed up as my mom brought me this delicious butternut squash soup. So pureed that it was seriously like eating smooth silk…I added a generous spoon or two of brown sugar and a bit of salt to it and it was really great. Here is the recipe in her words:

“I split the squash and take out the seeds….cut up the Banana Squash or Butternut Squash – both work the same way… into about 3″ square pieces and put them in a big pot. Add about 3″ of water cook to a boil and then simmer til the squash is soft (test it with a fork). Drain the water and then refrigerate until you can handle to pieces. Scoop the squash from the rind and blend using only as much water as you need so it will blend. Bag into desired serving sizes. 🤙”
Hopefully you can make your spoon of heaven too. Love you angel Mom.

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GOLD cupcakes!

No reason to not have pretty cupcakes even if  you’re dairy free! And apparently, I can eat ‘gold’ too;)

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Potatoes will do in a pinch

I saw this somewhere online and thought I would try this. Super easy…wash and slice your potatoe thinly but not all the way through. Top with olive oil and salt and pepper, cook until toasty and soft! Top with your favorite toppings!20170329_175811

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