Thank heavens for companies that make these things! This is so delicious. I still remember the taste of milky ice-cream, wish I could still have it! ..but since that is a life-threatening milk allergy I can’t  go near it…so almond ice-cream has become my new best friend. Let me also suggest melting marshmallows with a bit of earth balance butter in the microwave, then add ice-cream and top with allergy free choc chips (enjoy life makes a good one). Sooo good, and it makes me feel like I’m not missing out:)

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8 Responses to Delicious!!

  1. hopeforeoe says:

    Thanks for the tip!


  2. hopeforeoe says:

    So I tried without baking powder..and measured correctly;)…and they are great!


  3. Joëlle says:

    Sadly, this is an example of what I can’t feed my Significant Other: sulfites are usually used to make maltodextrin. (Sulfites are used to kill bacteria; unfortunately, they seem to have over the years killed the good bacteria that resided in his gut…) I really appreciate your photos of the ingredients list on the packages: much easier to read than while shopping in the store.
    That being said, dairy-free ice-cream can be sooo good. My daughter and I occasionally treat ourselves with SO Delicious coconut milk ice-cream. Have you ever tried it?

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    • hopeforeoe says:

      Thanks Joelle for the information! Yes I have it is delicious! Unfortunately, I tested positive to being allergic to coconut slightly so for the time being I’ve gone with almond,…I’ve loved the almond toffee crunch!

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      • Joëlle says:

        Oh, that’s too bad. I couldn’t live without coconut oil or coconut milk these days… Have you tried cashew milk? It’s awesome, even better than almond milk I think.

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        • hopeforeoe says:

          Haha yes! You can have some;) maybe so, maybe I try without the baking powder…or maybe I should add more rice milk to make them thinner..they are supposed to be more like a crepe..but I’m not patient enough to always measure things perfect..that could be the problem. Would love the crepe recipe!

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        • hopeforeoe says:

          I have to wait until I can add it back in…i eliminated many things to find the cause of my eoe and so each one I trial and scope to be able to see if it’s ok for my esophagus…painstaking but it’s working so far! I’d really like to add back in cashews, I’ve heard I can do lots with them!

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  4. I love Almond Dream. It is so delicious.

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