Party!~dairy and gluten free

The key to being able to eat food at parties is to host them;) We had a Halloween party last week and planning it with all the food considerations of myself and others made for it to be an enjoyable time for everyone. Pizza Hut has gluten free dough that is also diary free. So we ordered from there! And we had a gluten free, dairy free corner with snacks and treats. We also had a dairy free sorbet drink (see my other post:), df/gf dressing, cute orange pumpkins made by my sister and carrot and celery sticks. All the dietary restrictions were met and I believe everyone had a wonderful time, including me:) We topped it off by watching 3 different shows, Stranger Things for the adults, The Goonies or Winnie the Pooh for the kids…

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Ranch dressing~dairy free, gluten free

I found this dressing the other day for my Halloween party, so good! 

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Sparkle drink~dairy free

I had a Halloween party last week and since I was in charge…I made sure I could eat too;) One of the drinks I made dairy free with raspberry sorbet and Sprite. ( the other one had sherbet that foms more because of the milk I believe). This was delicious and would be a great drink for any other get togethed as well. Just scoop out the sorbet and pour in the Sprite, mix and serve!

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Cookies…just like chips ahoy! Gf/Df

I would post a picture of the actual cookies, but I have cleaned them out:)….so good dipped in rice milk…just like chips ahoy… homemade is even better of course, but these, satisfy. the. craving.

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The day that saved my life…

Ok, not literally, but without this day, life wouldn’t have been so rich. My new diet without gluten long ago was scary, I was hungry! Every flour I tried tasted like sand. Every bread I had tried tasted like cardboard. Then came my sister with a large jar of a flour mix! It was Christmas Day. I don’t remember much else about that day. She saved my life that day. (She’s pretty amazing too, check out her blog). I’m remembering this today because I’m eating delicious pancakes made from the same flour mix. They. Are. Delicious. I was elated that day. Having a core flour would change my life. What would I make first? This book pictured has a flour mix that changed my life. But more importantly, that my sister shared it with me. That is mostly the reason I blog. I hope that somebody can find hope and a little ray of light in a new food they can have. Even though I mostly post treats…lol. Share something good with someone today and lighten their day, their life. Everybody has something to share. 


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Gf bread and cake store..they ship!

Here is the link to this store I found through facebook. This could be good! I haven’t tried it yet, but it looks yummy!

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dairy free Cheese review

I really like Follow Your Heart Cheese brand….., the shredded kinds and the provolone block cheese from them. BUT, I bought this mozerella block and I say just stick to the shredded mozerella from Follow Your Heart brand. The taste was not good. However, the provolone block cheese from them I’ve really liked! Just so you know, if you are trying new cheeses, don’t waste your money on this one….link to shredded mozerella(the good stuff) Follow Your Heart cheese.

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Best little animal crackers! Gluten/Dairy free

You know those animal crackers in the little red zoo train box? I miss those…and if this brand could just put these in little red zoo train boxes, I’d be perfectly happy. But, they are just delicious no matter the box. Great for kids, great for adults:) link to cookies

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Veggies and Fruit for dinner, healthy!

Easy meal, however be forewarned that if you have kids like mine, the only thing I could convince them to eat was the sweetened fruit salad;)

Butternut squash soup: cook the squash(how to bake it) blend in blender until smooth (store in freezer bags for later if you can’t eat it all now..) I like to eat mine with earth balance butter and brown sugar..maybe add a little salt its a bit better:)

Cook spinach, boil until soft with a little water then drain and serve with lemon juice (that’s how I like it…)

Cut up potatoes, top with olive oil and salt and pepper and brown in the oven (apparently tho fries are made from potatoes my kids won’t touch these lol)

Cut up fruit you like and sprinkle with lemon juice. Sprinkle on sugar drink mix and stir it up.

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df / gf kids treat (well I’m a kid at heart..)

Graham crackers and icing, sprinkles! Dip in rice milk:)

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